Membership - rules and how to apply

How to become an ASIF member organisation

Every national (or regional) AS patient organisation whose purposes are compatible with the ASIF constitution, is invited to become an ASIF member. One of the aims of ASIF is to support the development of newly formed AS societies and to facilitate the cooperation with other AS societies. A detailed list of the aims of ASIF is part of the ASIF constitution.

To Apply

To apply for ASIF membership, please write to the ASIF president. You can do this by email to According to the ASIF constitution, the ASIF Council has the right to reject applications for membership. However, up to now the Council has never made use of this right

Membership Fees

The membership fee consists of a fixed rate per individual member of the ASIF member organisation plus a fixed rate per ASIF member organisation (regardless of their membership size). At present, the annual fee is 40 Euro per ASIF member organisation plus 0.07 Euro per individual member of the ASIF member organisation. In countries where the fees will constitute an undue hardship or where the foreign exchange regulations forbid the transfer of money, the dues can be waved by the ASIF Executive Committee. The decision will be reviewed at the next ASIF Council meeting.

More Than One Organisation Within a Country or Region

Where there is more than one AS organisation in any one country, the ASIF Council is empowered to select one of the candidate organisations or, in special cases, to accept more than one (for instance where the societies have their fields of activity in different provinces and do not compete which each other). In this case, the societies must decide between themselves who shall represent the country in the ASIF Council ("one country – one vote"). If they should fail to decide, the Council will select one of their proposals as a Council Member.

Termination of Membership

ASIF member organisations may terminate their membership in writing and shall confirm that their decision has been arrived at in accordance with their own voting procedures. ASIF member organisations may be removed by not less than 2/3 of all votes cast at a Council Meeting provided that all member organisations have had at least 30 days notice of the proposed removal. Again, up to now the Council has never made use of this right.