Our IMAS Report

The burden of axial spondyloarthritis: a global patient perspective

Uncover the daily reality of living with axSpA and explore our call to policymakers and healthcare professionals as we advocate for crucial changes

The IMAS findings demonstrate the need for better public and professional understanding of axSpA, so that people with symptoms get an accurate diagnosis with minimal delay. IMAS also identifies the challenges and unmet needs of those living with axSpA; and the importance of taking a multidisciplinary and person-centred approach.

We aim for IMAS to improve awareness of axSpA, especially among policymakers and healthcare professionals. By incorporating the real-life impact and burdens of the disease into health policy and clinical care, our goal is that everyone living with axSpA gets a timely diagnosis and the holistic care and support they need.

ASIF has published this report to highlight the urgent need for change. The report includes calls to action for healthcare professionals and policymakers and is intended to support advocacy work around the world.

You can download the report here or read it online below:

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