This section is for patient organisations, including ASIF’s existing members, and for people anywhere in the world who wish to start a new patient association. You will find useful guidance to support the running of a patient organisation as well as resources used in ASIF campaigns and projects.


Read our guide below on starting a patient organisation, if you are at the beginning of this journey. You can also browse our guides to find support on different elements of running a patient organisation; if you would like to talk to us about getting support, please contact us. You can also read more about how to become an ASIF member.


The emotional and psychological burden of axSpA and the role of patient organisations

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Community/Direct Fundraising


Here you can find resources from ASIF’s various campaigns and projects; the resources include written information, videos, social media and communications tools, as well as access to publications and axSpA-related data.

Delay to Diagnosis

World AS Day resources

IMAS publications

It’s All Connected

Talk to be Heard