World AS Day

This year World AS Day is on Saturday 4 May.

We listened to your views about the Day at the last Council Meeting. We are pleased to advise that to improve the visibility of World AS Day and create more awareness about Ankylosing Spondylitis/Axial Spondyloarthritis and events around World AS Day, we formed two sub-committees, the World AS Day Committee and a Social Media Committee.

Both committees have been hard at work. Below you will see how you and your members can participate. We are also excited to share local events that you, the ASIF members have come up with, and provide a means whereby you can tell everyone about your World AS Day.

We’ll be promoting World AS Day through our social media. Please ensure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, by clicking on the icons below and Liking or Following us. And, of course, there’ll be news on our website.

Global Spondyloarthritis Summit

Walk Your AS Off©

Walk Your AS Off returns in May this year bigger and better than ever.

What is Walk Your AS Off? Recognizing that exercise is very important for AS patients, and that walking is an excellent form of exercise, Walk Your AS Off is both an exercise challenge and an AS awareness campaign. It can also be used as a fundraiser.

As a walking challenge, the idea behind Walk Your AS Off is to get everyone moving! It applies equally to those who want to start an exercise program and those who exercise regularly. It includes all sorts of exercise. If swimming or yoga is your thing, you can still participate.

How does Walk Your AS Off work? It is a virtual walk, so that participants can walk when they want and as much as they want. All they have to do is count their steps and log them. Beyond that they could challenge themselves to walk a bit more, a bit further, each day or week of the month of May.

What happens to the steps? Walk Your AS Off is walking to Mars! Although Walk Your AS Off has already collected over 2.2 billion steps, it needs to get 316 billion to get to Mars! Every step counts. And if you swim or practice yoga or some other form of exercise, you can convert your exercise into steps with a conversion chart.

What makes Walk Your AS Off exciting? This year you can register as an individual, but continuing the tradition of previous years, it is more fun to be part of a team. What we would really like you to do is form a team or teams in your country. Then teams can compete against each other as to the number of participants, number of steps or can compete between participants. But, competition is not the chief objective. The objective is to get people moving.

Because it is important to get people moving we are encouraging all participants in Walk Your AS Off to send us success stories about how Walk Your AS Off got them moving or moving more. We would love to hear your stories about starting to exercise and the benefits you have derived from it, or about how you have challenged yourself to go that extra step such as run further, lift more, or swim longer. Send your success stories and photos to office@asif.info and we’ll post them on our website.

To register for Walk Your AS Off go to www.walkasone.org. You can create your team after you have registered, or join an existing team. To follow news about Walk Your AS Off, go to www.walkyourasoff.com

ASIF endorses Walk Your AS Off© and would like to see Teams from each and every Member. Register your Team today!

SUMMARY: To register for Walk Your AS Off and create a team for your organization, go to www.walkasone.org. To learn how to register, watch this short video

And Send ASIF your Success Stories and pictures.

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