Global Spondyloarthritis Summit 2019 – Now Open for Registration

Registration is now open for SAA’s first-ever Global Spondyloarthritis Summit, Friday, May 3rd through Sunday, May 5th  2019.  

Join us online for a 3-day virtual event as we bring together some of the most respected medical professionals, including renowned rheumatologists, a physical therapist, pain management specialist, and others to discuss the latest treatment options and research on spondyloarthritis.

We will address questions such as:

  • Is there a special diet you should be following?
  • What medications are used to treat spondylitis?
  • What are researchers working on? Are we getting closer to finding a cure?
  • What are the best exercises? Are there activities you should not do?
  • Should you be on the lookout for uveitis, psoriasis or ulcerative colitis?
  • What can be done to live pain free?

This event will be free and open to the public during the first 3 days of broadcast, May 3rd through the 5th, and you will have an opportunity to pose your own questions to each of the presenters.

Please visit the Summit Page to learn more about our presenters and moderators.

I look forward to having you join us online in May!


Cassie Shafer
CEO, Spondylitis Association of America

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