World AS Day


World AS Day was a great success with many of our members utilising our World AS Day social media assets. Some translated and personalised them to connect with their local audiences. Others used their own content alongside #WorldASDay2024. It was great to see so many individuals posting about their experiences to raise awareness.

There were many events around the world and our members also raised awareness offline, by speaking to local media and displaying posters. ASIF’s Jo Davies spoke about ASIF and WASD to patient advocate, Joel Nelson, on his live YouTube Chat Show, The Chronic Pain Club. The recording is available to watch on demand.

We encourage our members to review the impact their campaigns make. Being able to say how many people were reached on social media can be powerful feedback for your local community and funders. Be part of the global impact by letting us know about the success of your campaigns.

Add your results to our World AS Day social media reporting form and send it to Jo de Bry (communicationsmanager@asif.info) for them to be added to the global Report.

SAA’s 6th Annual Global Spondyloarthritis Summit

The Spondylitis Association of America held their 6th Annual Global Spondyloarthritis Summit on 3-4 May.  Attendees from more than 75 countries worldwide viewed presentations on Treatment and Research Advances in SpA, Minimising Fatigue and Strain, Precision Medicine in SpA, The Role of AI in the Diagnosis and Treatment of SpA, Resilience in the Face of Chronic Illness, and Osteoporosis and Ankylosing Spondylitis.  In addition, attendees were able to ask questions of the experts during the live Question and Answer sessions and attend breakout sessions with other people living with spondyloarthritis to discuss their personal experiences with managing this group of diseases.

If you missed any part of the Global Summit, it’s not too late to check out this year’s presentations! In recognition of Spondyloarthritis Awareness Month, SAA is providing free access to all the recorded presentations and Q&A sessions, as well as highlights from their live breakout discussions available as PDFs, now for a limited time.

Attendees who visited the ASIF virtual booth were able to watch our videos and download materials, including the IMAS Global Report and infographics about axSpA.

Click on the link below, then sign in or register to view the recordings.

Walk Your AS Off

Find Your Happy Pace and Walk Your AS Off with Us! The Virtual Walk Continues through May (and beyond!)

It’s time to get out and walk! This long running community event founded by Jennifer Visscher has a new home at SAA! On the website you can sign up, log steps, join a team, and even pick up fun swag! Join Jennifer and SAA with AS awareness, one step at a time!

Past walkers who have joined this event previously may notice a refreshed site!  SAA is striving to update the step tracking experience and enhance other features to make it easier to connect with others living with spondyloarthritis.  By integrating the walk registration and step tracking activities into the SAA website, you’ll be able to connect with peers and share valuable resources quickly. 

Jennifer Visscher commented, “The Spondylitis Association of America brings decades of experience in providing education, advocacy, and support to individuals with spondyloarthritis and their families. Whether walking solo or forming teams, individuals can make a tangible difference by raising funds, raising awareness, and raising hope for a brighter future with spondyloarthritis”.

Even as May draws to a close you can still keep walking!

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