Why I’m an ASIF Trustee

Ruta Grigiene from Lithuania tells us why she joined our Board of Trustees

“I became a member of ASIF’s board of trustees in 2014, quite unexpectedly to myself. When I was diagnosed just half a year prior, I almost immediately got involved with the Lithuanian AS patients’ association. The association delegated me to participate in the ASIF conference, held in Sofia that year, with the goal of having the Lithuanian AS association become a member of ASIF. This goal we succeeded in.

While I enjoyed the experience, it came to me as a complete surprise when I was myself invited to become a member of the ASIF trustees team. 

“At first, I was rather unsure what good I could achieve as a Trustee, how I would be able to help. However, little by little, I got involved in all the activities going on and am proud to be part of the team. We all learn and grow together, bringing more and more member countries into the ASIF family, so that we can help new organisations and execute global projects (IMAS, Delay to Diagnosis, as well as others).”

We are recruiting for new Trustees in anticipation of some of our current Trustees stepping down next year. If you are interested in joining the ASIF Board, please contact Jo Davies at office@asif.info

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