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The Novartis / ASIF team are extremely excited about an initiative called ‘Talk to be Heard’. This DIY-style video project will help to bring to life the IMAS data through short videos of people talking about their personal experiences of living with the disease.

We are delighted to have over 20 people from nine countries in five continents speaking in seven different languages – all sharing their stories of how axSpA has affected their lives.

The project aims to empower those talking and encourage others to speak up about their experiences.

We will create four videos on different themes, with each one produced with subtitles in English, Spanish, French, Norwegian, Russian, Lithuanian and Greek.

Here you can watch a Talk to be Heard video.


We also have plans to translate the videos into German, Italian, Hindi and Bulgarian, but we can translate into other languages too – so get in contact with Jo Lowe if there is another language you would like. We look forward to sharing them with Patient Organisations worldwide in the coming months.

We are collaborating with local Patient Organisations in several new countries to ensure the IMAS survey can be expanded into those nations. Importantly, we are working hard to ensure they have everything they need to successfully attract respondents to complete the survey.

The new countries are excited about participating in IMAS and enthusiastic to get started. In the next few months, we will welcome on board Lithuania, South Africa, Chile, India, Philippines, UK, USA and Argentina!

Read more about the IMAS project on the ASIF website.

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