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Did you know we have a set of three new infographics, which help to support people living with axSpA?  The resources aim to inform people how disease activity is typically measured; support them in building a partnership with their doctor; and assist them in focussing on their personal and lifestyle goals.

The first of these is an infographic that helps to educate patients on the commonly-used disease activity assessments, ASDAS and BASDAI.  As well as the tools themselves and the interpretation of the different scores, it also describes how inflammation is measured. 

Recognising that disease activity scores often do not tell the full story, the second resource provides guidance on discussing other measures of wellbeing with doctors.  It provides helpful tips on other areas of life that could be useful to talk about.

The third resource gives advice and support on setting personal goals.  It provides guidance on how to consider, set and monitor lifestyle goals that can help to motivate and bring meaningful improvements to wellbeing and quality of life.

The set of infographics have been developed to encourage people and give them more confidence in discussing their disease with their doctor.  You may also find that they are a useful resource for the rheumatologists in your network to give to their patients.  Please let us know if you think healthcare professionals would find them useful or if you decide to share them in this way.

There is an opportunity to translate the infographics for our members; please contact Jo Lowe (projectmanager@asif.info) to find out more. 

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