Member Spotlight: NASS

The National Axial Spondyloarthritis Society (NASS) in the United Kingdom recently launched Your SpAce, which has been created in partnership with people living with axSpA and healthcare professionals.

Your SpAce allows people living with axSpA to engage with their condition, learn more about axSpA, and build skills to manage the impact it has on their life.

The programme is free to access on the NASS website and YouTube channel. It includes co-produced, short informative videos on topics such as pain, fatigue and flares. There are downloadable resources in each topic, so people living with axSpA can create their own personalised toolkit.

Your SpAce provides a community for people who are at the start of their axSpA journey or who are struggling and feeling isolated. Building a supportive community through monthly online meetups, which provide a relaxed way to connect with others living with axSpA, share ideas and get support. Embedded in the topics are videos of people with axSpA sharing their experiences.

Find out more about the programme at nass.co.uk/about-as/your-space

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