EULAR PARE 2023 Conference

Mike Mandelbaum and Jo Davies from ASIF attended the EULAR PARE 2023 Conference in Brussels on 16 and 17 November.  This year’s conference was mostly about implementing the EULAR Manifesto Campaign, an advocacy campaign outlining RMD-related policy asks. The manifesto focuses on influencing three policy areas:

Quality of care: improving RMD prevention, early diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation interventions.

Mike presenting ASIF poster
Mike presenting the ASIF poster

Social Policy: mitigating the burden of RMDs on health-related quality of life, education, and employment.

Research and innovation: developing better RMD prevention and treatment strategies.

You can find out more about the EULAR Mainfesto at www.eular.org/eular-manifesto

The campaign is largely focussed right now on influencing European Parliament. However, the manifesto will have resonance with all of us and it is a document that could be adapted to suit other countries.

Everyone who attended EULAR PARE also took part in the Best Practice Fair. Forty posters were presented; Mike presented an ASIF poster on IMAS (pictured above). It was wonderful to see the work that other organisations are doing. There were a number of ASIF members at the event.

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