Delay to Diagnosis in Action

Delay to Diagnosis logo & images from sketch animation
Screenshot of comments on Facebook

“What is impossible to explain, you managed.  Thank you!” and “Very well explained” were the encouraging words that were posted in response to Spafo, Norway sharing the Delay to Diagnosis sketch animation on social media. 

We have videos, infographics and social media content available in nine languages to support you in raising awareness about axSpA.  

The sketch animation video clearly communicates what axSpA is alongside the main signs and symptoms.  We also have a video, presented by Dr Raj Sengupta, that helps healthcare professionals better understand the clinical presentation of axSpA.

Lise Mette, Spafo’s Communications Manager, says: “We are delighted that the feedback about the film is…good and easy to understand for everyone”.

You can see the films in the different languages on our Delay to Diagnosis awareness pages.  If you would like access to the toolkit, or share your feedback on the campaign, please contact Jo Lowe (projectmanager@asif.info).

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