WORLD AS DAY – 2 May 2020

This year theme is


The day will focus on: raising awareness, sharing information, connecting with each other, being together.

People with axSpA often have mental health support needs,

Physical and mental health services need to work together for axSpA patients

Together we can support people to live well with their axSpA

Living well with axSpA involves friends, family, employers and colleagues

You can also find: a toolkit, a logo, a join the dots challenge to use in many ways, Social Media assets, Posters, Banners.

For more details go to our World AS Day page

If you want to get more involved have a look at

Global Spondyloarthritis Summit 2020 global-spondyloarthritis-summit

What is Walk Your AS Off?

Last but not least check section WORLD AS DAY ACTIVITIES for useful tools in our World AS Day page

Other NEWS

ASIF/SAA axSpA and COVID-19 Survey

You can take part in critical research on COVID-19 in Axial Spondyloarthritis! We need as

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