New CEO at NASS, the UK’s National Ankylosing Spondylitis Society

Dr. Dale Webb joined NASS as CEO in early November. He brings 25 years’ experience of working in health-related areas – having spent time in the NHS, in health research and in health charities. Dale believes passionately that third sector organisations can help transform people’s health and well-being.

2018 will see many developments at NASS. In June we will launch a new website; it will include a redesign of all our patient information to reflect the new national clinical guidelines published in late 2017 by the UK regulator NICE. It will also include a database of all rheumatology services in the UK. And we will update the exercises contained on our Back to Action App. In 2017 we developed the ASOne website which is aimed at younger people with AS and in 2018 we will develop more content.

We will extend our reach into health care professional communities – our Back Pain Plus project will now include nurses and physiotherapists. We have a new pilot project that will work with osteopaths and chiropractors to ensure that they have a good understanding of AS and can make appropriate referrals.

Fundraising is key to our future and so in May we will run our Mighty Orange Mashup fundraising campaign. We are a membership organization and in June we will launch a revised set of offerings for our members.

Finally, in November we will hold a reception at the UK Houses of Parliament to raise awareness of AS among politicians and to thank all of our supporters.

To find out more you can email Dale:, Follow him on Twitter: @NASSchiefexec or look at our website:

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